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Welcome to
Romanelli’s International Martial Arts

We are a family-centered martial arts school that focuses on personal development and self-defense. Programs are structured for all ages based on maturity and level of progession.

Our Story

In the children’s programs, the children are taught age relevant curriculum to help them build self-esteem, increase personal self-discipline, get fit and of course be safe from bullying and other dangers that children face in today’s world. These classes (unlike most children’s activities) are taught by full-time professionals who are trained for hundreds to thousands of hours during the course of their instructor training.

In our adult and teen classes some of the students have goals to lose weight or get in shape. Some are looking to build that self-confidence and create that best version of themselves. Others want a high-energy workout to complement sports or hobbies. Then again, other students want to dedicate themselves to being safe!

Meet Our Team

Sensei Dean


Dai Sempai Tony Romanelli


Hancho Stephen Rissman

Chief Instructor

Miss Haylee

Senior Instructor

Miss Haley

Senior Instructor

Karen Romanelli

Program Director

Keina Romanelli

Program Assistant
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