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Our Story

Romanelli’s International Martial Arts began initially in July of 2002 and opened the doors of its current location in January of 2003. For nearly twenty years our school has been a staple in the local community, developing nearly
1,000 Black Belt practitioners! Our school stresses the idea of traditional martial arts in a family atmosphere. With that said, over the years we have come to be a home for so many families. These are families where the children, parents and grandparents alike are involved in the training. The family that kicks together, sticks together!


At Romanelli’s International Martial Arts we offer a variety of programs that are tailored to our students

In our school children can do a trial lesson as young as four and a half years old. Assuming they qualify to begin, children in our  school work…

In our school adults and teens of all ages can do a trial lesson. Assuming they qualify to begin, adults…


We have donated countless hours to our local elementary, middle and high schools over the
years. Please reach out if we can be of service to your institution or organization.

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